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Saving Family Keepsakes and More

Hurricane Florence dumped a lot of water on the Carolinas. Their lives upended by water, residents are now faced with mucking out their homes, tearing out saturated drywall, and trying to recover as many keepsakes and family treasures as possible. Saving your valuables can be a race against the clock because mold can form within…

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Turn A Plain White Wall Into A Work Of Art… Just add a splash of color!

Create a one-of-a-kind painted mural to enliven any room. This stunning watercolor wall is a great alternative to expensive art. Wall-filling canvases are definitely trending, but when you make your own art, everything is custom. Better still, when your incredible homemade artwork is DIY, you can decide which colors best complement your home and blend…

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Hi-De-Ho Neighbor!

Win and woo your next-door friends with a little neighborly know-how. If you want good neighbors, you’ll first have to become one yourself. Master these seven techniques, and even you (yes, you!) can win the approval of your entire neighborhood… Read More >

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Brand Name or Generic?

The top neighborhood names in the country tend to have certain words in common. According to a new study from, the name of a neighborhood can attract wealthier homeowners. “Whether it makes sense or not, the names and identifiers of our American communities and housing developments often say more about the people living there than we…

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Breathe Easy! Tips to Improve Air Quality in Your Home

Here are some great tips to improve the air quality in your home. Your windows may be spotless and your floors may sparkle, but for millions of adults and children with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions, a house is only as clean as its air….. Read More Here

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