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Archive for June 2017

Higher Credit Scores and Better Interest Rates Are Coming July 1!

About 12 million people may soon get a boost to their credit scores as the national credit reporting agencies wipe tax liens and civil judgments from their records. Starting July 1st, the three major credit reporting companies will enforce stricter rules on the public records they collect, requiring each citation to include the subject’s name, address and either their…

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Are you an Active Service Member or A Veteran?

  Are you an Active Service Member or a Veteran?  Many times we find that customers don’t think about the VA Home Loan as a finance option or may not even know about this benefit.  We love helping customers like you take advantage of a benefit that is made available because of your service.  We will provide a consultation with you to…

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The 9 Best Restaurants in Pittsburgh

Feeling a bit hungry in Downtown? Take about 10 steps in any direction and find the best of what Pittsburgh has to offer. Pittsburgh is topping lists all over the internet; whether we’re talking about business development, technological advancements, or medicine, we’re poised to crush it all through the 21st century! It’s no secret that…

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