Cheers to a Healthy and Happy 2017!

As we look at the past year reminiscing about all the great things that happened we also take a look at what we can do to improve for the coming year. One of the areas that most of my friends, co-workers, family want to improve is their health. It can be overwhelming as you sift through information online and talk to people about what works for them. I know I have tried so many things through the years only to find out that it soon becomes overwhelming as you try to change so many things at one time. A year ago I became a vegetarian and started trying to use organic and locally grown foods. It’s amazing how many local farmers market we have in our area and what great produce you can find at the grocery store. I started reading a lot about juicing and making smoothies. If you are like me, life gets so busy between work, family, and balancing everything it is great to find something that you can grab and go. Sometimes you just need to make one change in your daily routine. I have been making the Glowing Green Smoothie recipe from Kimberly Snyder for over a year. It is one of my favorite recipes and everybody always loves the way it tastes. The recipe uses a Vitamix, but my sister uses the Nutri bullet so you can use whatever you have so you don’t have to add additional expenses. To make it easier I put my juice in mason jars making sure to fill it all the way to the top. It is a great way to make ahead and it normally keeps for 2-3 days. In addition to the smoothie recipe, Kimberly has a great blog that she posts recipes.

Hope you enjoy!!

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